The Excavation of Mary Anning

By Ian August


Amidst the groaning cliff sides and weather-beaten shores of southern England, fossil hunter Mary Anning combs the earth for glimpses of the ancient past. Armed with only her determination, her lucky hammer, and her erstwhile companion, Tray, Mary uncovers secrets that redefine science and religion and philosophy. But 19th century geology is a nobleman’s game, and Mary’s discoveries are buried beneath the rubble while the stars of her male counterparts grow ever brighter. The Excavation of Mary Anning is a historical fantasia performed entirely by women about things that come from the earth and things that go to the earth, and one woman’s quest to reclaim her legacy in a society that refuses to acknowledge her worth.


2018 Reading at The Dennis and Victoria Ross Foundation

2018 Reading at Ashland New Plays Festival, Oregon

2018 Reading at Writer’s Theatre of New Jersey