Maid’s Door

By Cheryl L. Davis


Set in the present day,  Maid’s Door centers around beloved matriarch Ida Farrell, who, like many African American women in the 1960s and ‘70s, worked tirelessly as a maid for decades to provide a life for her daughters that was unavailable to her. Now that Ida is older and exhibiting signs of illness, it is her accomplished daughter Betty’s turn to care for her mother. However, when Betty moves into an Upper West Side apartment, Ida comes face to face with old wounds and broken dreams that have haunted her for years, while her illness causes her to become increasingly trapped between the past and the present. This moving play highlights issues of patient’s rights relating to Alzheimer’s, and the reverberating effects of the legacy of slavery on families and individuals.


2017 National Black Theater Festival

2017 North Carolina Black Repertory Theater

2015 National Black Theater Festival

2014 The Billie Holiday Theatre, NYC